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UPVC Ultimate (Turbine and PPS Complete Kit)

UPVC Ultimate (Turbine and PPS Complete Kit)

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This is the ultimate full kit you'll need when spraying UPVC. Easy to use, lightweight and portable - just plug and go. No need to cart around a bulky compressor and the Turbine heats the paint while spraying which, in turn, minimises overspray. 

Purchase our complete kit featuring the QTech 5 Stage HVLP Gravity fed with Aluminium cup. Swap the cup for the complete 3M PPS 850ml (Large) kit including all cups, lids and liners so that you can spray at any angle! 

Full kit comes complete with:

  • QTech 5 Stage HVLP Turbine in Gravity
  • QTech SilverPro HVLP gun 1.5mm needle set (perfect for the majority of UPVC jobs)
  • QTech Turbine cleaning kit
  • 7.6m hose assembly
  • Aluminium Gravity Cup
  • 3M Series 2.0 PPS kit 850ml including 50 disposable lids with 200 micron filters, 50 disposable liners, 1 reusable hard shell cup and 32 sealing plugs - on back order
  • 3M Series 2.0 PPS Spray Gun Adapter 
  • PLUS a box of x50 Colad Grey Nitrile Gloves in Grey! 



Air Pressure 9psi



Motor 1500 watt

Weight 11 kg



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