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MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 - out of stock

MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 - out of stock

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Take your work to the next level, protect yourself and impress your customers with the new MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650!

This is a completely unique dual voltage air scrubber that has been developed to remove the unseen dust in an area of work. The first recommendation is to collect dust at source but not every particle of dust can be captured.

This is where the Dustblocker DB650 comes into play; filtering 650m3/hr this is ideal for use in areas up to 215m3 volume.

The MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 has been developed for ultimate dust extraction and remove the unseen airborne dust in an area of work.

With HEPA 14-Carbon cartridge filters as standard, you can be certain that the filtration is to the highest standard protecting both you and the people you are working with.

Designed to be able to operate 24 hours a day it can continually work to clean the air you breathe.

The MAXVAC Dustblocker DB650 dust extractor is extremely compact & quiet machine and is easily used in occupied buildings when renovations or refits are being carried out.

For rooms needing a negative pressure the optional duct can be attached to the machine to take the exhaust out of the sealed room.

‍Suitable for many applications incl.

  • woodworking shops
  • spray painting
  • machine rooms
  • repair workshops
  • bakeries
  • renovation areas
  • plus any other areas where silica dust from concrete, brick grout or mortar may be present.
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