Spraying machine service and repair

Book in your spraying machine for a service or repair. 


How it works

You can choose to either drop off and collect your sprayer from us at our address in Wiltshire (Unit 1 The Yard, Friday Street, Christian Malford, Wiltshire, SN15 4BU). Or we can arrange for your sprayer to be collected and returned to you for an additional courier charge. If choosing this option, please ensure you have a box for shipping your sprayer in (ideally the original box). 



An average service on an airless sprayer will cost roughly from £250 + VAT depending on what work needs to be done. When we are in the process of servicing your machine, if we find that any parts need replacing such as the piston we will call you beforehand to confirm the price with you before going ahead. 


Turnaround time

We keep an extensive range of replacement parts. Assuming these are all in stock and your sprayer doesn't need anything out of the ordinary, your machine will be ready to collect within a few days. 


Warranty work

If your sprayer is under warranty and needs repairing, we can complete the work for you and all warranty paperwork. If you didn't purchase your machine through us, please just ensure that you have proof of purchase. 


How to get booked in

To get your machine booked in, or for any questions please get in touch with us using the contact form below. 

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