How we work and who we are

Quick summary: We are a family run business of decorators (not sales people). We know you need convenience and quick deliveries to save you money on jobs. That's why we offer multiple top brands under one roof and deliver your order to you as it becomes available in multiple deliveries, to get it to you as quick as possible.


You may of seen us on Insta or the Facebook decorating forums, or perhaps you've just stumbled upon us. However you found us, we're glad you did!

We are a family run business, run by decorators for decorators. Our aim is to help decorators on their spraying journey with:

  • tips, tricks and guidance
  • the best products
  • great deals.

Day-to-day we run courses at our academy, The Abode Decorating Training Academy, in which we teach spraying. From this we've been lucky enough to work with some of our favourite brands and have been securing great deals and discounts for our students for the past year. Now we want to bring it to everyone. 

So how are we different?

We know what products work and what don't because at the end of the day we are decorators - not sales people - and we use these products ourselves. 

We know that as well as price, a fast turnaround from ordering to delivering is crucial for you. Delivery delays and multiple telephone conversations placing orders can cost you money on jobs. 


We wanted to create a place where you can get top quality products from multiple brands at the click of a button. To make sure you get your order quickly, products will be despatched and delivered to your door as they become available - usually within 2 days. Sometimes this may mean multiple deliveries but we have found that this is the fastest way.

We offer after sales support with every purchase from our owner and teacher at The Abode Decorating Training Academy, Jamie Bourne. We can also offer quick after sales support straight from the manufacturers if necessary. 


Check us out online

If you want to have a look at the other side to our business, then you can find us online.

Instagram: @abode_decorating_

Facebook: Jamie Bourne