Q-Tech HVLP Pressure Pot Assembly Kit

Q-Tech HVLP Pressure Pot Assembly Kit

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The Q-Tech pressure pot assembly increases productivity by having extra capacity while spraying the larger job or appliaction where the gun needs to be used at all angles including upside down.

This makes the standard set up more productive, easier to handle and much more suited to larger appliactions such as cabinet and kitchen spraying.



Trim and fine finish spraying. Particularly suited to spraying detailed trim and furniture, including balustrades, spindles,

panelled doors, skirting, architrave, cabinets, bath enamels, pianos and bespoke furniture.


Compatible with water and solvent based coatings, most would need to be thinned dependant on viscosity. Ideal coatings

include gloss and wood primers, cellulose coatings, solvent based top coats, wood preservatives and other coatings with a good ‘flow’.


2.25ltr capacity (2 US Qt)

Weight 1.2 kg