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Poly rapid primer for spray granite system

Poly rapid primer for spray granite system

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Poly rapid primer for spray granite system, available in either clear (add your pigment separately) or pre-pigmented versions.

With its rapid drying time, Poly Rapid Primer can usually be overcoated in just 20-40 minutes, saving valuable time on projects. What sets it apart is its amazing adhesion, quickly forming an exceptional bond to dry and slightly damp substrates.
Its easy-to-mix and apply formula ensures a hassle-free application process. It’s also highly compatible, allowing it to be easily over-coated with a wide range of other coatings, including epoxy, polyurea, polyurethane, polyaspartic, and more.
Poly Rapid Primer can be applied to various surfaces, such as ground or blasted concrete, as well as old surfaces that are free from oil and other contaminants.
Discover the power of Poly Rapid Primer and experience efficient, reliable, and high-quality coating results.


1kg covers from 5 to 10 square metres

5kg covers up to 40 square metres

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