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OLFA 45-C Carpet and Cardboard Roller Cutter

OLFA 45-C Carpet and Cardboard Roller Cutter

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When you need to cut materials that are rolled, such as carpet, linoleum, landscape fabric, paper or more, the OLFA 45mm 45-C Roller Materials Cutter is the right tool for the job. We like to use it for cutting our floorboard!

This hand-held cutting begins with a solid base that protects the surface below the cut. The heavy-duty ABS handle offers a large grip that is comfortable and easy to push, even when wearing gloves. The sturdy, flat base glides over the base surface for confident cutting without damage.

The tool comes preloaded with an extra-sharp OLFA 45mm Tungsten Steel Rotary Blade. The blade is fixed in place to provide leverage and easy cutting of demanding construction materials. Each blade offers (12) cutting points for volumes of work with less blade changes. When a section gets dull, loosen the wing-nut screw, and rotate the blade slightly for a fresh cutting edge.

The screw design also provides fast and efficient tool-free blade changes.

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