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PaintLine ProDryingRack EX™ (PDREX)

PaintLine ProDryingRack EX™ (PDREX)

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The all new expandable ProDryingRack EX (PDREX) stretches from 50 cm to almost 152 cm in width for the larger pieces of your project.  Fifteen levels hold up to 60 lbs each. Round 1” diameter removable tubes of 75 cm lock into place with just a turn (no tools) and if you need more that the 7.5 cm of usable space between the levels… just remove one for 18 cm or remove 2 for 28 cm of drying space.

Clamp levers in the back easily allow the user to expand and contract the rack before loading.  All metal construction with powder coated finish, this ProDryingRack EX is a tried and true workhorse for any cabinet shop.


Please note we are unfortunately unable to ship to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey. If you have an alternative shipping address in England please use that at checkout. 


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