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Olfa GSR-2 Glass Mini Scraper

Olfa GSR-2 Glass Mini Scraper

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Small tool to take on tough scraping jobs the Olfa GSR-2 is a durable multi purpose mini scraper, works well in tight narrow spaces and on curved surfaces. It comes with 6 spare blades. We like it for cleaning up our windows after taping and spraying! 

  • Tough Robust Durable
  • Removable Spare Blade Holder
  • Blade Width is 40mm

The body handle is light weight, strong reinforced fiberglass, with a wrap around anti-slip grip that gives users added comfortable hand grip and better blade control.

All metal parts are made from stainless steel

This Olfa mini scraper is fitted with Olfa GSB-2S stainless steel blade, hence it is rust free and corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

large tethering/lanyard hole is ideal for hanging the Olfa GSR-2 scraper tool to your waist belt pouch or attach it to your workbench prevents misplacing.

Fast and easy blade change, no tools required, Olfa GSR-2 has a blade storage container comes with six Olfa GSB-2S.6B stainless steel blades. Keyed blade avoids movement within handle during tough applications

The blade storage container conveniently snaps into the handle when the tool is in use and doubles as a blade safety cover when required.

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