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DeVilbiss PROLite-S

DeVilbiss PROLite-S

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The PROLite-S is famous for exceptional handling, delicate trigger control and the ability to blend solid colors — particularly metallics and special effect colors — over a small area. Combining the fit, feel and balance of the renowned PROLite with the compact dimensions essential in a spot repair gun, minor repairs can be completed to full warranty standards quickly and efficiently with minimal paint, all while maintaining pinpoint color accuracy.

Specifically designed and precision engineered to ensure perfect atomization of all the latest waterborne and solventborne coatings, the PROLite-S is available with a range of high efficiency and HVLP setups. Each is developed specifically to provide versatility for the most popular automotive refinish materials.

The lightweight forged aluminum gun body of the PROLite-S is designed to provide the fit, feel and balance essential to achieve a perfect SMART or Micro repair. The compact front end provides optimum visibility of the fan pattern even when working in restricted spaces. The heavy duty anodized finish of the PROLite-S is designed to provide the durability needed in today’s high throughput body shops.


  • Lightweight and precision-engineered trigger action ensuring excellent control for superb feathering
  • Comprehensive range of air cap, fluid nozzle and needle combinations for atomization of all types of waterborne and solventborne materials
  • Renowned DeVilbiss fit, feel and balance is ensured by the ergonomically designed anodized, forged aluminum gun body
  • Combines the performance and durability of a full-size gun with lightweight pinpoint delivery for spot repairs

Ideal for UPVC front and garage doors. Sold without cups. 

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