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PaintLine ProDryingRack™ (PDRKD)

PaintLine ProDryingRack™ (PDRKD)

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This 50-Shelf Drying Rack is true workhorse in any shop or job site.  Each shelf holds up to 25 lbs and can be rolled to the next station or out of your way when fully loaded.  No need to pull or place parts in any sequence, grab from the top, bottom or middle to work the way you work.  This true space saver takes 200 sq ft of drying surface area and reduces it to just 6 ½ sq ft. Assembles and disassembles easily with just 4 bolts.  All steel construction with powder coated finish ensures years of service.
  • Conveniently hold up to 50 cabinet doors in 1/2 m² of space.
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble for storage or transport.
  • Keep workshop clutter-free. Easily customised to fit your needs. 

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