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Wagner GM4700 AirCoat Manual AirCap

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The Wagner AirCoat Manual AirCap atomization provides a softer and smoother spray pattern. Thanks to the new Wagner AirCoat AirCap design, the material pressure is reduced and the spray pattern becomes more homogenous.

The fine, soft atomization combined with a homogenous particle size guarantees a high transfer efficiency. A perfect fit, the Wagner AirCoat Nozzles and AirCaps match one another perfectly to ensure the best possible coated finish.

Wagner AirCoat Manual AirCap technology for high-grade coatings In the AirCoat process (Airless + Air) the spraying medium is surrounded by an additional jacket of air. This air is fed through the central holes in the air cap arranged directly on the spray jet and once again optimises the atomisation result.


  • At a relatively low pressure (from about 40 bar, depending on the material) the material is uniformly atomised.
  • Thanks to the reduced over spray there is a considerable paint saving compared with the airless process (up to -15%) and conventional air atomisation (up to -40%).
  • The shaping air, which is adjustable on the gun, makes it possible to adjust the spray jet width optimally to the requirements of the user.
  • AirCap HV Blue – for use with High Viscosity material. Ideal for Water Based material