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Sia 7900 Sianet Discs

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Grits come in boxes of 50

Grit type

  • Blue-fired/white aluminium oxide


    • Knitted fabric


    • Electrostatic


    • Full-surface dust extraction
    • High removal rate without clogging
    • Very efficient and productive
    • High tear resistance, thanks to sturdy net backing


    • Sanding off coatings and impurities
    • Keying of paints, lacquers, bodyfiller, primer filler and plastics
    • Keying of primers
    • Fine sanding of surfaces and edges
    • Intermediate sanding of varnishes
    • Preparation for polishing on high-gloss surfaces
    • Fine sanding solid wood, veneers, solid surface materials, priming foil, plaster and plasterboard


    Application recommendation (depending on sizes) - Main application

    • random orbital sander
    • Orbital sander
    • Delta sander
    • hand sanding with sanding block
    • Rolls


    Material-Main application

    • Acrylic lacquer
    • Old lacquer
    • Primer filler
    • Primer coat
    • Hardwood
    • Resinous wood

    Material-Secondary application

    • Plaster
    • Dry wall lining boards
    • Priming foil
    • HDF board