TriTech T5 Airless Sprayer Carry with TriTech Hopper and £100 worth of FREE accessories

TriTech T5 Airless Sprayer Carry with TriTech Hopper and £100 worth of FREE accessories

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  • Electric airless sprayer
  • The TriTech professional mid-range sprayer
  • TriTech Hopper Assembly
  • With £100 worth of free accessories.

    Supplied complete with:

    • TriTech T360 airless spray gun
    • TriTech 517 airless tip & guard
    • 1/4” x 15m textile braided hose
    • TriTech Hopper Assembly

    FREE accessories:

    • Our Walls, Ceilings and Woodwork Tip Bundle including

      the TriTech T93R Contractor Pro Tip (blue) 515 for walls, TriTech T93R Contractor Pro Tip (blue) 619 for ceilings and TriTech T93R Ultra Fine Finish Low Pressure Pro Tip (gold) 410 for woodwork. 

    • 3 rolls of Q1® Multiple Purpose Indoor Masking Tape 38mm x 50m.
    • 3 rolls of  Q1® Precision Line Masking Tape  38mm x 50m.

    Typical use: Medium - large contract work every day

    Use to spray: Emulsion, interior and exterior; top coats; wood preservatives and most other medium viscosity water or solvent based coatings. Exterior masonry coatings and some interior emulsions may need thinning in line with recommendations. Suitable for smooth coatings only.

    Features: Despite being a very compact package this is a very serious sprayer with a full professional performance. It is simple to operate and clean.

    Warranty: 4 Year Overall Manufacturers Warranty. Lifetime Motor and Gearbox Warranty. 2 Year - Exclusive Wearing Part Warranty.


    • Flow Up to 2.54 ltr/min
    • Max tip 0.025”
    • MWP 227 bar | 3300 psi


    • Motor 970 watt PMDC
    • Weight 19.1 kg

    Estimated delivery turnaround time for TriTech products is 5 to 10 working days due to new Brexit legislation.